Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can I press harrassment/defamation/false allegation charges?

The mother of my child is trying to keep me from my daughter's life, any way she can. I do have joint custody but she has charged me with 1) flagrant non support (I do have arrearages but I have an agreement to pay through the state), 2) she put out a temporary EPO so I couldn't see my daughter this past weekend, which got dismissed this morning for lack of 'threatening' evidence, 3) she has repeatedly taken me back to court to try to revoke my rights as a parent (all of which were dismissed), 4) she has called me, harrassing me and threatening me that once my daughter is old enough, she is going to legally disown me, 5) she has assaulted my wife (back in Oct. 06) but we didn't press charges because my daughter was there screaming and crying for her mom 'not to go to jail.' My question is, don't I have some rights here? What can I do???? Please help. I know she won't stop this craziness, if anything, things will only get worse (further false allegations like molestation, abuse, etc.)Can I press harrassment/defamation/false allegation charges?
The only thing you can do is 'hang in there' which is something your daughter will appreciate someday. Have patience but be careful to have as much supervision when you are with your daughter as possible (and not just your wife). Your wife may be vengeful and envious that you have moved on with a new life but that will get old eventually, even though it may take years.

Sorry your wife is like this. Maybe she will someday have a relationship herself and the guy will calm her down and make her see reason.Can I press harrassment/defamation/false allegation charges?
so you dind't press charges and make police report shame on you. well you need to jsut keep fight ing and get lawyer good one and get those visitations. she isn't right and you can prove it. maybe she'll lose the kid if she doen'st watch it can and does happen. my son has his daughter. so hey get moveing and fight her all the time with the law.
Make a report to CPS so that they can further investigate her and her mental state. Do some investigating yourself see if you can find her unfit. Leave a paper trail file a warrant for harrassment and assault on your wife.These may be a low blow but it seems to me that your daughter's well being is at stake and ya'll should concentrate more on hurting your child in the middle of all this madness.
Tape the phone calls and file for full custody of your daughter with monitored visitations with her mother.
the only thing you can do is get that woman some help and if means she goes to jail sorry then I say so be it and let the courts take it from there . because if this keeps going your child will turn out the same way as her mother and from I have read you don't want that to happen . so do what you need to do to keep that child and your family safe . even if you have to go and take the rights of the child then do so . but no one should be done that way at all . best of luck to you ..
I don't think that the child should be in that home with the women if she is acting that way, I think that you should take your ex-wife to court for full custody of your child and tell them that you are getting help with your aggression (and then do it) and tell then all that she has done and that you are afraid for your child鈥檚 life in that home. But coming from a torn home my self and knowing what she is kind of going through it is important that you talk to her about this to. Is this what she wants? Ask what is really going on in the home when no one is there to see? See if what your ex is saying is true? If she is treating you and you new wife this way you have to think of how she is treating you child. I hope the best for you are your daughter.
take her to court, do it all legal like, keep a diary of all thats happened and make it ongoing, do not leave anything out, its tedious, seems petty, boring even but you MUST do this and when the file is big enough apply for sole custody! Well done tho, not many dads give a stuff enough...bravo
Document everything and whenever possible have an outside party with you to witness these events.

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