Monday, February 8, 2010

I was arrested on false charges what can i do?

I bought a car last year in may 2007 and when I left with the vehicle they said everything was in order. One month later I contacted them because i had not recieved a payment book and did not now where to send the payments. they said they would take care of it, but 2 weeks later they still had not told me and i recived the liscence plates and a clear title with no lein. I immediatly called them and told them of their mistake and it got crazy after that. they called and threatened me if i did not return the car that they would have me arrested but they refused to give me my 2000. down payment so i told them we would have to go to court. a week later me and my husband were arrested for non authorization use of a vehicle with hardship liscense. for one i have never in my life been in jail and have never had i ticket so no i did not have a hardship liscense! we are still in court after a 2000 bond and they want 800.00 for damages what can i do about all these lies and get money backI was arrested on false charges what can i do?
hire a lawyer and get all teh paperwork you have on it to the lawyerI was arrested on false charges what can i do?
um, if you have the title, and a license, there is nothing they can do. The title means its YOUR car. There really isnt anything they can do beyond that.
keep on fighting it in court... get professional legal advice... every place has different laws
get a lawyer
I would suggest a very good pair of attorneys - one for your defense and one for your libel and slander lawsuit (sue the living pi$$ out of them!)
Well, you should have a good case, assuming you can prove that you paid them $2000 and they refused to give it back... unfortunately, you're going to have to get a lawyer though and fight the case in court.
Fight back!! I hate dirty cops!!!

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